Dropping Knowledge on The Dos Cocos Locos Podcast

June 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Honored to have met the Dos Cocos Locos this past year. True hustlers in this world of self employed creatives. I sat down with them recently and talked about photography, the creative process and some topics that I hope to share more on in the near future. Check it out!




"Hey what up PEEPS! We are super excited to have you stop by and listen to our SIXTEENTH podcast and drop some FRESH #CoconutFIRE (knowledge bombs for those of you who are new)! In our sixteenth episode, we had the pleasure to sit down with James who we consider one of our close photography mentors. We first met James while selling stuff at an art market, then grabbed some coffee a few days later at The Blind Tiger and well-you know how the rest goes. James talks about his 12+ years of experience in the photography game, the law of attraction and dives into some of the stories behind some of his favorite photos. Thank you James once again for taking the time hang out with us and also for sharing some flaming hot #CoconutFIRE! Enjoy! If you want to get to know more information about James, check out the following links: Instagram: @fotosetbyjames Website: fotosetbyjames.com and tampa-photographer.com"

















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