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Life Sideways – James Luedde 2023

This series did not start as a project. It was really about getting out and shooting in a mid-post pandemic setting where there was some downtime. I’ve shot in this manner before from a vehicle and always wanted to shoot around the neighborhood, city and area I live in. I figured this would be a good way to cover more ground. I always connect well with the everyday life, especially the grittier side. I didn’t think much about what I was doing initially but as I shot more some consistent themes and a connection developed. I mean here we are all moving along day to day in a world that often seems against us during a time where it feels like there is no way up. What looks and feels like some sort of sideways back and forth, a stuck place. With this lies the intersection of the images taken and my own personal thoughts. So it’s this sideways movement where it’s just ok. It’s just keeping moving. It’s just getting by. It’s finding comfort in addictions. It’s waking up and feeling lost. It’s feeling stopped but moving at the same time. It’s beauty in despair. It’s the sun setting on a lonely soul. It’s still being alive to see another day. It’s sideways.. it’s Life Sideways. 600+ photos moving along just as life moves along, photos presented in a moving video format.