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Prior to talking a more serious approach to the photography business I found myself making a run up the corporate ladder. This naturally involved a 9-5 type job and with that a substantial commute. 275, 75, I4.. over the years it involved all that at some point or another. One day that all ended unexpectedly.. I found myself with time, freedom and a totally different perspective. As my photo work continued to build, with that so did my perception and how I viewed things.. how attentive I was to my surroundings. Somewhere I lost that.. or the stress of that 8am meeting over powered my ability to think clearly and pay attention to life as it moved about around me. Prior to the big change I read about a photographer named Andrew Bush who published a book called "Drive." I was always inspired a bit by it. Those thoughts filed away inspire me later.

After the corporate layoff I found myself lacking routine. I needed some structure so I got in the car and drove one morning as if I had that old 9-5. What I noticed was amazing. Sounds simple but I noticed there were people, in their cars.. next to me.. 99% of them staring straight ahead in their own world doing exactly what I was months prior. Lost in the stress of work, life. some happy in their world but still a sad reality. That morning was in an odd way a life changing moment. How many hours of life have I missed.. sitting in my car.. staring into space.. well now I am watching and noticing.